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“An ounce of practiceis worth more than a thousand pounds of theory”

The most important aspect of Martial Arts is Practice. Your instructor will introduce you to techniques, stances, combinations, kata and concepts.  He or she will also watch you to confirm that you understand the fundamentals.  Now that's when you get to work.  Go home, warm up and begin drilling the skills.  Your body needs to physically do something over and over in order to become fluid.  Karate requires that the practitioner be committed to consistent practice. You benefit from the repetition.  Even a small amount of practice will benefit you so long as you do that regularly.  Set aside time daily to practice.  It doesn't take much space to stretch, to work on balance or to drill a part of a kata.  The feeling you'll get after you've practiced will make it worthwhile.  Connecticut Martial Arts 61 Newtown Road Danbury, Ct. 203-792-1544

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